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The Importance of Adequate Water Consumption

With all of the different drink options out on the market these days, water is usually the last resort option for most people. We are made up of about 66% water, making it the most essential nutrient to our bodies; however, it is one of the least consumed beverages for most.

Our bodies replace about 2 ½ quarts of water each day, therefore, we need to consume an adequate amount of water each day to function properly. Without sufficient water intake, many important functions of our bodies suffer. Water aids in the digestion and absorption process of food, regulates body temperature and blood circulation, carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the body, aids in removing harmful toxins, lubricates joints to help with joint movement, protects our tissues and organs, as well as helps with the weight loss process. Dehydration can have detrimental effects on the body, so it is very important to maintain a regular flow of fluids in the body all day.

Without adequate water, our bodies suffer in many different areas. Here are examples of other negative effects inadequate water consumption may have on our bodies:

Joint pain
Arthritis due to dehydrated joints
Shock and damage to the spinal cord as it is also used to protect the organs
Weight gain due to the livers inability to metabolize fat
Stomach pain and ulcers
Back pain
Disorientation and confusion

How much water should you be drinking?

In order to determine how much water (in ounces) you should be consuming each day, you must take your weight and divide it by 2. If you weigh 150 pounds, then you should be drinking 75 ounces of water each day. The more you weigh, the more water you should drink, as well as the more you exercise, the more you should be drinking. During exercise, the average person loses roughly 27.4 to 47.3 ounces of fluid through perspiration; therefore it is very important to keep hydrated. Also, warm water has been shown to absorb more quickly into the system than cold water, so no need for ice!

Finally, to live a healthy lifestyle, water consumption is essential! Because water is needed for so many different bodily functions, without it we will shut down. Also, don’t just drink when you’re thirsty. When your body is telling you that it’s thirsty, that usually means it has needed fluids for a while, so it is best to continually drink small amounts of water all throughout the day. Drinking water consistently each day can keep you healthy and feeling great!